20 Impressive Photos Showing the Endless Power of Time


In the modern world, time flies really fast — our children grow up, our parents get older, and even our own faces turn into something different over the years. We don’t usually pay attention to all these changes because we’re too busy with our work, school, and other important things. But if we stop for a moment and take a look around, we’ll see that even the most seemingly stable things are constantly changing.

Bright Side made a selection of 20 truly incredible photos to remind you that time spares nobody and nothing.

20. “My grandparents, then and now”

19. A piano that belongs to a very passionate player

18. The floor of a barber’s shop worn down from walking around the chair

17. A 4th generation mixing spoon

16. This wooden terrace barrier is only half-covered by the house.

15. These sand bags from 40+ years ago are now solid rock.

14. A car wash vacuum cleaner after 6 years of use and a new one of the same model

13. 10 years later one thing is clear — love is still the same

12. “My father’s pocketknife that he carried for 40+ years compared to a new one”

11. The Angels Landing hike at Zion National Park

10. The lion’s head on a door at the Parthenon in Nashville

9. “The local place I play ping pong at hasn’t changed the tables in 20 years.”

8. A staircase carved in the stone wall above a creek

7. The footprints made by a monk after praying in the same spot for decades

6. “My favorite 24-year-old beach towel”

5. Braille on Helen Keller’s tomb worn away after decades of blind people reading it.

4. Over 5 years of playing fetch

3. This truck driver’s face aged 20 years faster on the side that faced the window.

2. A candle stick that’s been used for a really long time

1. A tree planted beside a mother’s grave

Do you have your own photos showing how powerful time is? Share them, and let us have a look, in the comments!